• Conferencia en inglés de Sunara Samsudeen 'Situation of Human Rights in Turkey' en la Facultad de Derecho

  • Start: Thursday, 25 April 12:00
    End: Thursday, 25 April 14:00
  • Facultad de Derecho, Plaza de la Universidad s/n, Valladolid, Sala de Vistas
  • Sunara Samsudeen is a Sri Lankan Citizen, a Legal Scholar specialized in Public Law, an Attorney-at-Law (Human Rights Lawyer), Human Rights Activist, with a ten years of working experience as Programme Manager at the Access to Justice Project, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and Senior Programme Manager at the Improve Relevancy of Legal Systems Project-USAID. She has also participated and contributed to the policy development and legal aid systems and worked as a legal consultant for Many NGOs.  


    'Situation of Human Rights in Turkey' is controversial and highly debatable. Turkey is a member of 'Council of Europe', a party to the 'European Charter of Human Rights (ECHR)' and 'European Court of Human rights (ECtHR)' as well as numerous International and United Nations (UN) human rights instruments such as Charter of the UN, Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR), International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), CEDAW, CRC and many others. Therefore, Turkey is expected to fulfil its obligations and compliance with the universal principles and standards of human rights and fundamental freedoms as well as fundamental values of the Europe. Most importantly, since Europe moderating and shaping up its policies towards other states based on the human rights situation, human rights situation is also a crucial aspects for the peace, stability of the particular state concerned. Whilst facing many challenges by Turkey, it is also struggling to extend friendly relations towards Europe. Thus, this seminar is intend to discuss the current situation and a perspective about future relations between Turkey and Europe regarding human rights issues.


    FECHA: jueves, 25 de abril de 2019.

    HORA: 12:00 h.

    LUGAR: Sala de Vistas, Facultad de Derecho, Valladolid.